The Center for Community Independence (CCI) is a community based brain injury rehabilitation and supported living program that offers a continuum of cost-effective care provided by experienced professional staff. Our staff are not only experts in their field but also have many years experience in applying their knowledge in the rehabilitation process for individuals with brain injury. Licensed and certified professionals address specific physical, occupational and cognitive deficits and weaknesses while helping individuals use their personal strengths and abilities to live a fulfilling community oriented life. Psychological and medical specialists combine in this unique model to provide optimum personalized care and services for each individual.

Our History 

CCI was established in 1994 by experienced brain injury rehabilitation professionals in response to the frustration of limited options available to individuals with brain injuries. Too often, individuals with traumatic brain injuries follow a long path through a system of rehabilitation facilities ending in an eventual discharge into the community without the tools necessary to live an independent life. CCI begins the rehabilitation process in the community from day one. Our clients receive all treatments and therapies in a non-institutional, non-facility based setting. We understand that rehabilitation can be a long process from months to years and our aim is to be there every step of the way.

Our Mission

To provide and coordinate specialized services that functionally address the needs of individuals with brain injury, their family and loved ones. We believe our clients are best served through individual and outcome-oriented services in a community-based setting. We facilitate independence though commitment, creativity, integrity